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  • I cannot explain in enough words what positive effects acupuncture had on me. I had fears about needles but Monika made me feel comfortable, relaxed, and helped me alleviate my needle fears. She taught me to adopt healthy habits, being very knowledgeable about different diseases and ailments. I learned many things from her including how to take better care of my health and many things about how acupuncture and other elements of Chinese medicine differ from western medicine. I went to Monika because I wanted to improve my immune system, relieve stress, and not to feel my shoulder pain that I had for months. I have to say that after a couple of acupuncture sessions I started to feel better and my shoulder pain disappeared. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone! I would recommend Monika because she knows exactly the best route to take regarding treatment.

    Andrea N. ( 7/7/2015)
  • I have a very painful degenerative arthritis condition, ankylosing spondylitis. I have found that these treatments alleviate my pain and other symptoms of my condition. It has helped me create a more effective, positive approach to a chronic condition. It seems to be the only effective approach of the many that I have explored.

    Monika Gajiwala has a very assured yet gentle touch and I am highly appreciative of the help she has given me.

    Robert Jones ( 8/7/14)
  • I am 68 years old and have responded quite favorably to treatment which have been mostly weekly. In the past year, I felt well taken care of by Monika with her focused and concentrated needling technique. I was always provided answers to my questions.
    Between her and her treatment supervisor’s input, I accomplished my main goal when I first started i.e. to eliminate dependency and discontinue my need for inhaled steroids for my respiratory problems. I will continue at PCOM to further enhance my well-being and healthy balance as I age.

    Andrew F. ( 7/30/14)
  • Acupuncture has been an incredible experience for me, slow but very efficient, especially when I met Monika who has understood my needs very well. Monika with kindness and patience has worked on my spine where I have three herniated discs. These last two
    sessions has been a success because I had been pain free. I can assure you that Monika will be a good acupuncturist with a great success in her field.

    Zellah Salgueiro ( 7/17/14)
  • Monika is amazing; without her, my nursing school journey would have been a lot more stressful. I suffer from disabling anxiety, in school it had gotten so bad I begged my PCP to prescribe me something. When she shot down that idea, I was hopeless. I attended a PCOM event for nursing and we got a free acupuncture session. For some reason, I said, “Fine, let’s try this”. When I met Monika, I was in a bad place emotionally. I felt horrible that I might be one of her dreadful patients. To my surprise, we hit it off and she is the best thing that has happened to me. I always know that regardless of how clueless I am to what she is doing, it works. I feel better and in truth I can’t bear the idea that she is graduating. I have seen her grow in her skills and in many ways we understand each other. She is talented, sweet someone that can make anyone comfortable. I recommend her to anyone and will follow her to wherever she practices. Monika has a patient for life.

    Jael Kamp ( )