I cannot explain in enough words what positive effects acupuncture had on me. I had fears about needles but Monika made me feel comfortable, relaxed, and helped me alleviate my needle fears. She taught me to adopt healthy habits, being very knowledgeable about different diseases and ailments. I learned many things from her including how to take better care of my health and many things about how acupuncture and other elements of Chinese medicine differ from western medicine. I went to Monika because I wanted to improve my immune system, relieve stress, and not to feel my shoulder pain that I had for months. I have to say that after a couple of acupuncture sessions I started to feel better and my shoulder pain disappeared. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone! I would recommend Monika because she knows exactly the best route to take regarding treatment.

– Andrea N.

I am 68 years old and have responded quite favorably to treatment which have been mostly weekly. In the past year, I felt well taken care of by Monika with her focused and concentrated needling technique. I was always provided answers to my questions.
Between her and her treatment supervisor’s input, I accomplished my main goal when I first started i.e. to eliminate dependency and discontinue my need for inhaled steroids for my respiratory problems. I will continue at PCOM to further enhance my well-being and healthy balance as I age.

– Andrew F.

I have a very painful degenerative arthritis condition, ankylosing spondylitis. I have found that these treatments alleviate my pain and other symptoms of my condition. It has helped me create a more effective, positive approach to a chronic condition. It seems to be the only effective approach of the many that I have explored.

Monika Gajiwala has a very assured yet gentle touch and I am highly appreciative of the help she has given me.

– Robert Jones

Monika is great. I felt at ease from the first time I met her- I am going to her for more emotional issues and she really understands everything I tell her from a more spiritual aspect. She takes her time to really listen and I can tell she is doing work for her heart. Highly recommend.

– Min Kang

Monika is amazing. She takes the time to listen to your issues and explains her treatment. I always feel better after my appointments with her.

– Lucy Majoros

Monika is simply the best. Every time I see her it feels like she spends extra time really listening to how I am feeling and what I need help with. She has helped keep my migraines and allergies at bay and you can tell she is always looking for the best way to help me. She even has offered to see me without an appointment whenever a migraine hits. You just don’t get service like that anymore! If you’re even considering acupuncture, visit with Monika. You won’t regret it!

– Jessica Harmon

Monika has been providing acupuncture and utilizing her cupping techniques with me since the beginning of the year. She’s been a driving force in me being able to continue training and competing in my sport. Whether you have stiffness or soreness, she’s the one to go see to make you feel brand new again.

– Glenn F. Minaya

Had such a great experience with Monika! She listens to you and explains everything in detail. Definitely recommend her and her services!

– Edlyn Roa

I am so thankful for Monica assisting me in some of my ailments!! I trust her as
well as her techniques 100 percent and have noticed the difference post treatment. Definitely worth a try ! Love you mon!

– Victoria Cruz